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Getting your nutrition straight, making lifestyle changes, making sure you are getting enough exercise, and going to therapy are top tier ways to get your life going in a more satisfying direction. High quality nutritional supplements can play an important role in bringing up critical vitamin levels in your bloodstream. It would be great if we could get all of our needed vitamins from our diet, however, much of our food isn't very nutritious and, for various reasons, our guts may not be great optimizers of the vitamins that are in our food. Here are some of my favorites in the supplement world. Please check with your doctor to make sure these supplements won't cause you any problems. Some of the links are monetized, meaning that my practice will receive a financial incentive if you decide to purchase. 

For Reference and Overall Great Resources to Have in Your Home:



For Sleep:

B Vitamins are critical to nerve health (think pain, think anxiety, think energy). Many people who have depression are depleted in their B Vitamins. To Boost Vitamin B:

To Boost Vitamin D levels, which are critical to mood, immunity, weight management, gut and bone health. It is estimated that 45% of Americans are deficient in Vit D:

Omega fatty acids, like those from cold water fish, are brain food:

Magensium L-Threonate is great for slowing down rapid thoughts when you have anxiety:

For Kids:


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